Friday, September 10, 2010

White Knight In Da Hood! 2007 Honda Civic

Ew, seriously, this dude ain't putting some fluorescent cutting stickers.
Still, the rims look very nifty too. Add a more powerful brake like Brembo or sorts, this 2007 white Honda Civic will be more comfy to drive (and to race with).

One thing, though, with the not-far-from-stock front bumper, the grille still looks too long from the front. Maybe the next Honda Civic can be like the 2008 Accord or before for front looks.

With the 5Zigen Muffler to wrap it up!

Here's one tip to pimp your ride: You don't have to go extreme just to be the king of the show.
Just add whatever you need so your whole family can enjoy the ride too. I understand that this dude ain't liking spoilers, but that's okay, because the backside lamp of this Civic 2007 is darn tunelicious! (not like the former version).

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