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Gundam 00 - Episode 1

gundam 00 ep 1

part 1/3

part 2/3

part 3/3

Gundam 00 - Episode 2

gundam 00 ep 2

part 1/3

part 2/3

part 3/3

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HUMMER H1 Paragon

Armen Hummer Happening 2003

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Rpg Maker VX - How to make an event say your name

How to input your name and how to make an event say your name

rpg maker vx

RPG Maker VX Downloads


Including Character Maker 1999, the program for making sprites.

Game Maker 7 Lite
Size: 7.8 mb Author: Mark Overmars / YoYoGames
Description: Game Maker is a game development application written by Mark Overmars. Game maker is alot more expansive than RPG Maker, and games other than RPGs can be created in it. Be sure to check the Game Maker forum on our forums for help!

Rpg Maker VX English Trial
Size: 48 mb Author: Enterbrain
Description: RMVX Is finally here! This is the trial version of the long awaited RPG Maker VX. For an introduction and rundown of the new features, check out this promotional video. This is a trial version. Click here to register RMVX.

Size: 35 mb Author: Enterbrain
Description: The Run Time Package required to run games created with RPG Maker VX if you do not have the maker itself installed.

Rpg Maker XP
Size: 26 mb Author: Enterbrain
Description: An upgraded version of RM2003. Includes a whole new scripting system, higher graphics support, new battle system, larger chipset support, .OGG .WAV .MP3 .MID support, larger characters, enhanced battle animations, and alot more.

Rpg Maker 2003
Size: 29.01 mb Author: Enterbrain; Translated by RPG Advocate
Description: An upgraded version of RM2000. Includes new features such as frames, the ability to assign a sound effect for footsteps, new weather effects, a random dungeon generator, more key support, and even new side view battle system.

Rpg Maker 2000
Size: 3.42 mb Author: ASCII; Translated by Don Miguel
Description: One of the best 2D RPG making programs out there. Its simple "What You See Is What You Get Interface" makes it ideal for beginning game makers.

Rpg Maker 2000 RTP 1.0 (Required for 2000)
Size: 11.4 mb Author: Don Miguel
Description: The run time package that contains all the resources for RM2000.

Rpg Maker 2000 RTP 1.32
Size: 7.22 mb Author: Don Miguel
Description: An additional run time package that contains extra resources for RM2000.


Rm2k Font Patch
Size: 110 kb Author: Drakul
Description: Fixes the problem that some users have with the Rm2k Font.

Enter Hero Name Fix
Size: 275 kb Author: RPG Maker Italia
Description: Fixes the ability to use the Enter Hero Name command in RM2000. To use, simply replace the RPG_RT.exe in your project with the one in the zip.


Character Maker 1999
Size: 423 kb Author: Unknown
Description: One of the best character set makers on the net. (Help File Included)

Character Maker Pro (Spanish Version of Character Maker 1999)
Size:308 kb Author: Unknown
Description: One of the best character set makers on the net now in Spanish.

Size: 37 kb Author: Comet Studios
Description: Scans your RPG Maker 2000 project resources to see if any of them are missing or if any of them are not needed. If any of the resources are missing RM Tool can import them for you automatically.

Rm Recker
Size: 667 kb Author: Anomy Ware
Description: Change the icon, glyphs, and even logo screens of your games! Compatible with RPG Maker 2000 and 2003!!

Zorn's Rm2k Tool
Size: 420 kb Author: Zorn
Description: A bunch of tools for Rpg Maker packed into one program. It features a game, hero, item, equipment, and skill, name creator, as well as a few interesting tutorials. A must download.

Help Files

Rpg Maker XP Translated Help File
Size: 45 kb Author: Enterbrain; Translation by Trihan
Description: A tranlated version of the Rpg Make XP help file.

Rpg Maker 2003 Help File
Size: 2.68 mb Author: Enterbrain
Description: The Rpg Maker 2003 help file.

Rpg Maker 2000 Help File
Size: 2.68 mb Author: ASCII; Gemini
Description: A huge help file with examples and tutorials for RM2000.

Fast Spriting Tutorial (RPG Maker VX)

This is a fast and brief Spriting tutorial, teaching how to make a hair (by Pillow Shading), for Sprites made for RPG Maker VX (aka Charsets)

Well... It had a fail, so I had to cover with the author of the fail. (I love it)

Anyway, is a quick tutorial for learning it.

Charater Maker

This is a Charater maker for RPG Maker VX. The website is japanese though.

Fall of Atheion - Allansvasser Tour (2nd Video)

F.E.N. Corporation's current project is an RPG entitled "Fall of Atheion" and is a story about a prince in a time of war. This video is an update of the capital city of the F.E.N. Kingdom: Allansvasser. This is quite obviously a massive update and improvement compared to the previous version of the map, and the other maps will be recieving a tune-up as well. Keep posted for more videos showcasing the Fall of Atheion Project!

Credits to scripters, sprites, building objects and music are included at the end of the video in the credits.

Made with RPG Maker VX Engine

rpg maker vx tutorial - simple quest 1
small mail delivery quest

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[Top 100 Countdown] Hundred Best RPG Battle Themes #52 Dragon Quest VIII

"War Cry ~ Defeat the Enemy"
- Dragon Quest VIII
Composer(s): Koichi Sugiyama

Start from the top of the countdown!:

or to view the entire countdown playlist:

Now in HQ! Click the high quality link below the video to view slash listen.

About this Countdown:

I'd first like to credit Underworld23, yada, yada, i've copy and pasted this enough times...

Regarding the music chosen in this list: In the case that a theme appears in multiple games, I chose the version I preferred; All the music in this list is represented as it is heard in the game (no arrangements); Music from action RPGs are included at my discretion (as in, what I consider to be either an action RPG or an action/adventure game avid RPG players are likely to play and/or enjoy for the same or similar reasons they would any other RPG).

View entire Hundred Best Battle Themes Countdown playlist here:

Fanboys/girls are bound to flip a $hit when this list is complete, but please don't personally e-mail me your own incensed fanboy/girl diatribes and opinions on this countdown

Of course, if you don't like this countdown, perhaps you will enjoy Underworld23's at:

It also seems that Setyll has one as well:

---Hundred Best RPG Battle Themes---

100 ~ Fefnir (Ar Tonelico)
99 ~ Felix Battle Theme (Golden Sun: The Lost Age)
98 ~ An Enemy Appears! (Lost Odyssey)
97 ~ Last Battle (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
96 ~ Fragments of Soul (Legaia Duel Saga)
95 ~ COMBAT 1 (Grandia Xtreme)
94 ~ J-E-N-O-V-A (Final Fantasy VII)
93 ~ Edge of Death (Chrono Cross)
92 ~ Hardcore to the Brain (Shadow Hearts Covenant)
91 ~ Attack With Conviction!! (Grandia III)
90 ~ Night of Fate (Kingdom Hearts)
89 ~ Disciples of the Mist (Legend of Legaia)
88 ~ Imbroglio (Shadow Hearts)
87 ~ Blade (Suikoden III)
86 ~ Battle 3 (Grandia)
85 ~ Battle (Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga)
84 ~ Gunmetal Action (Wild Arms 3)
83 ~ The Final Battle (Final Fantasy IV)
82 ~ Run Past Through the Plain (Final Fantasy Tactics)
81 ~ Vicious 1915 (Shadow Hearts Covenant)
80 ~ Let the Battles Begin! (Final Fantasy VII)
79 ~ Never Surrender (Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria)
78 ~ FIGHT!! Ver. 3 ~ Middle Boss ~ (Grandia II)
77 ~ Fragments of Sorrow (Kingdom Hearts)
76 ~ Ladder to Heaven (Shadow Hearts Covenant)
75 ~ COMBAT 4 (Grandia Xtreme)
74 ~ Compulsion (Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga)
73 ~ Dragon Fight! (Blue Dragon)
72 ~ Desperate Fight (Final Fantasy XII)
71 ~ Cutting Edge of Notion (Star Ocean 3)
70 ~ Scherzo di Notte (Kingdom Hearts 2)
69 ~ Bombardment (Eternal Arcadia)
68 ~ Dead Fingers Talk (Shadow Hearts From the New World)
67 ~ Fighting the Shadowy Gods (Valkyrie Profile)
66 ~ Something to Protect (Final Fantasy IX)
65 ~ Maddening Spirit (Breath of Fire V Dragon Quarter)
64 ~ Fuse (Xenogears)
63 ~ Battle Theme (Grandia II)
62 ~ The Strong Enemy (Breath of Fire V Dragon Quarter)
61 ~ Fighting of the Spirit (Tales of Symphonia)
60 ~ Battle -World Map- (Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne)
59 ~ True Mirror (Baten Kaitos)
58 ~ Assault (Final Fantasy X)
57 ~ Escape! (Lost Odyssey)
56 ~ Trisection (Final Fantasy Tactics)
55 ~ Zealous (Eternal Arcadia)
54 ~ Going Out to See the Sky (Breath of Fire V Dragon Quarter)
53 ~ Battle (Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne)
52 ~ War Cry ~ Defeat the Enemy (Dragon Quest VIII)
Category: Music
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RPG Maker 2k3: Touhou Project - Forest of Magic Part 1

1st part of my Forest of Magic. I turned off the random encounters here, as to showcase the area pretty much, as well as see how hard it'd be if you didn't fight any battles. I may have to up the difficulty on the last fight a bit more since it seemed a little easy. Then again, I'll explain that in the next vid.

Rumia isn't that hard in this game (of course) unless she's by herself, which as you can tell in the first fight, she'll only use Demarcation. If there's enemies around, she'll never use Demarcation and instead use Moonlight Ray (which recovers HP to all of her allies) or Night Bird, which hits everyone on your team and can inflict Blind. Best to carry more than 1 Eye Drops like I did....

Again, not that many treasures in the area. There's a couple dolls out of the way a little, and a couple Potion Berries, but the real jem is that HP Apple that's hidden. And yes, those Tents are kinda broken right now, aren't they?


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