Sunday, March 08, 2009

RPG Maker 2k3: Touhou Project - Forest of Magic Part 1

1st part of my Forest of Magic. I turned off the random encounters here, as to showcase the area pretty much, as well as see how hard it'd be if you didn't fight any battles. I may have to up the difficulty on the last fight a bit more since it seemed a little easy. Then again, I'll explain that in the next vid.

Rumia isn't that hard in this game (of course) unless she's by herself, which as you can tell in the first fight, she'll only use Demarcation. If there's enemies around, she'll never use Demarcation and instead use Moonlight Ray (which recovers HP to all of her allies) or Night Bird, which hits everyone on your team and can inflict Blind. Best to carry more than 1 Eye Drops like I did....

Again, not that many treasures in the area. There's a couple dolls out of the way a little, and a couple Potion Berries, but the real jem is that HP Apple that's hidden. And yes, those Tents are kinda broken right now, aren't they?


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